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English Taking Dictation

Let improve your English skill with a simple way

Useful Tools For Your English Learning

Our platform is used for help people to improve their English skill day by day

Topic & lesson

The lessons are divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. They are updated weekly.

Voice & Sound

We do not use TTS (Text-To-Speech ) technology because we value the natural sound of the human voice.

Material & Contribution

Indeed, the voices utilized in the program are from all over the world

Helping learners to be good at English

Every people is deserved to master their English



You are able to use the suggestion feature for any word in any lesson via indirect expressions.



You can also review your submission visually after submiting dictation on the stipulation that your account was logged in.


Incorrect words

All your activities will be saved into the system including incorrect words. You will be able to review and improve these anytime.


Shortcut keys

Let us make the most of the shorcut keys so we can practice English comfortably with


Language interface

We supported 12 languages for interface. Hindi, Arabic Unitag, Hungarian & Taiwanese will be added as soon.


Stats Overview

You can also track the progress in your practice with the statistical graph for the last week and the last month.